Realistic Watercolor Unleashed - Meeta Dani
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Realistic Watercolor Unleashed - Meeta Dani Realistic Watercolor Unleashed - Meeta Dani Realistic Watercolor Unleashed - Meeta Dani

Realistic Watercolor Unleashed

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In this book, I’ve revealed all the techniques that I use for painting photorealistic paintings using watercolors. This book not only covers traditional painting techniques in details but also describes different ways to avoid and rectify common watercolor mistakes.

Here are some of the highlights:

  1. This book is a comprehensive guide to realistic watercolor painting for artists of all levels.
  2. It explains the scientific reason behind the behavior of watercolor paints.
  3. It includes paper stretching, drawing techniques, masking, and painting techniques.
  4. It explains how to make a strategy for a painting based on the complexity and type of subject.
  5. It has seven demonstrations on a variety of subjects such as water, wood, fur, feathers, skin, blurred background, perspective painting, etc.
  6. The book provides several tips on how to make a painting impactful.
  7. It provides lot of tips and guidance on different aspects of painting.
  8. It has a comprehensive list of watercolor pigments along with their characteristics, few important color mixes, and a comprehensive list of complementary hues.

In this book, I have explained how you can design your own method for painting any complex subject like a professional watercolorist. This book is a perfect blend of in-depth theory and hands-on techniques that will inspire and motivate you to paint realistically using watercolors. - Meeta

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