Testimonials by Mastering Watercolor Realism course participants

"Mastering Watercolor Realism course transformed me into a confident advanced watercolor artist. This transformational art journey of 8 weeks with highly skilled master watercolor artist Meeta Dani ma'am, as a mentor, made me realize the difference between an artist and a painter. I had few misconceptions about watercolors and after joining this course, all my myths were broken. I gained scientific and technical knowledge about watercolors in a systematic manner. This course gave me opportunities to expand my art knowledge through research works given as assignments. Daily exercises helped me to explore, understand and master the medium quickly. I, who feared using watercolors, is now capable of doing realistic portrait painting in this medium!! That's the extent of confidence we gain during this course, which empowers us to paint any subject. It helped me to upgrade my artistic skills and also developed a positive personality in me. 
Meeta ma'am, you are an amazing art mentor and wonderful human being. I loved your assertive and effective teaching. Your energy, dedication towards work and passion for art always motivates me. Without your support and encouragement, I couldn't have reached so far. You removed my fears and helped me to become a better person. I'm so thankful to this universe for giving me an opportunity to learn from you. You cleared all obstacles in my mind and fueled my desire to become a professional artist. Your guidance is helping me to build a strong foundation for my art career, which is going to be a huge, crucial and most important turning point of my life. I'm very grateful to you ma'am!! "
Once again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping and motivating me to TAKE RIGHT ACTIONS. After being associated with you, my entire concept about life has changed. I must really say that meeting you and being your student is THE turning point of my life. I'm at the most crucial phase of life, where whatever decisions I take now will decide rest of my life. In such a case, if I had not got right guidance I would have not been able to fulfill my goals. Hence, I'm always grateful to you in my life ma'am. Your service to this world is hugely impacting some lives like mine. More powers to you!!

- by Tejaswini MS

This is a very well organised course, all the topics are covered. This course is not like other courses which are available online. This is totally different, which made me a totally different person once I finished. I became more confident, patient, and disciplined

- by Dr. Pannaga

This is truly a life changing course. If I had to tell frankly, I had some doubts even after registering for your course like, "am I going on the right direction? "But, now I am fully confident that I am on a path to be a better myself. It's really a valuable class and the way mam teaches is just awesome. If I had never met my mentor, my life would have been entirely different. I came to just learn watercolors but I am happy that I am learning a very important thing about" knowing myself " Which would not have been gained by me in any other art courses. I owe this to my mentor for making me a Purely Positive Person (PPP).

- by Swathy Mohan

"Mastering Watercolor Realism was a life changing course for me. I started to paint with watercolors from the mid of 2017 and for 2 years I struggled very hard to get hold of watercolors. I tried very hard to improve my skill, but constantly I used to feel it was going wrong. I started to feel underconfident and some time I even scared to hold the brush and paint. After coming in contact with you and knowing that it can be learnt in 2 months, I was surprised in the beginning. But without any doubts I joined the course and it was totally worth more than that. I loved way you teach. You made me think and feel everything is very easy to learn if we get the proper guidance and knowledge. After joining the course, I regained my lost confidence and learnt to study the subject and paint it effortlessly without any stress. Now I feel confident to paint any subject without any hesitations and doubt. Before joining your course, I used to paint everything blankly without any feelings. But your course taught me to paint the subject with emotions, how to feel the subject. I thank myself for taking the decision to join your course, else I would have wasted few more years in struggling to learn watercolors. I suggest your course to each and everyone who are really looking forward to learn watercolors and wanting to become master in it."

- by Rachana N

“Hola, my name is Nereida Lima. I am a retired architect and I live in Tegucigalpa Honduras. My watercolor addiction made me follow several great watercolor artists on FB, one of them Meeta Dani, so when I saw that she was offering a very complete online course I signed up immediately!

I was looking for more formal education and this course has it all. It is designed to smoothly learn all you need to paint a watercolor piece of art. I acquired the knowledge needed to go that step further as an artist. In my opinion the most complete watercolor online course available for both beginner and intermediate level students, maybe even for advanced intermediate as it is always good to review all the elements, principles and techniques needed for a good painting no matter the experience you have.

One of the thing I liked most about this course is the ability to repeat it with the next batch of students. It is amazing how much you learn even from your own classmates. And.. Lets not kid ourselves, I am not getting any younger so the more times I review something the most I will learn, lol. The exercises were simple and fun to do. The way the course is structured takes it to step by step and flows easily to be able to create your art in your own style. It enables each person to discover which style is their own. Another very helpful part is the error handling unit, which helps so much to know so many solutions are available for correcting mistakes we might make.

Once you start this course and follow it through to the end you definitively become a better artist plus you gain so much more confidence… you know exactly what you are doing is correct.

Our dear Tutor Meeta Dani is like one of those teachers you had in high school... The one you will never forget because of the love-hate relationship, very strict but loving and caring at the same time. The one you learned most of and until now realize she is the best teacher you had. Meeta makes you stay focused on what you are learning and guides you in such a caring matter when you have mindset problems.

I strongly recommend Mastering Watercolor Realism, even if your style is not realism, this course is so complete that it adapts to any style of painting. For me, this has been the best investment ever!”

- by Nereida Lima

“If you want to learn about watercolor and painting you can do no better. Watercolor is easy under tutors methods. Comfort of your own home anywhere in the world at any time. From beginner to intermediate you will grow as an artist. Meeta is always there to answer or explain anything. She will help you to bring out the best that you can be and you didn't know was there! Meeta is the best kind of tutor. She has her students progress at the top of her priority. ”

- by Susan Davis

“This is complete package with bundle of knowledge. You will not only learn watercolors, along with that all other important aspects to be a master artist. Also you will definitely see tremendous improvement in your artistic journey.

Meeta mam, you are an awesome teacher and wonderful human being. I really love the way you carry yourself and provides insight about the art and mindset. Also I really like when you said I want you to become artist not painter that is what you are doing. I am immensely happy that I joined this course and blessed to have you as mentor. !”

- by Sowmya AV

“Fun, unique, highly motivating and definitely empowering ! There are many wonderful superlatives to describe this watercolor course, which was definitely so different from other watercolor courses I have taken. Meeta taught us amazing tips and tricks of working with watercolor, leading to mastering the realism style in a surprisingly “user-friendly” and do-able manner, which I thought would be very difficult to achieve, especially in a period of six weeks. Beyond the technical aspect of the course, she also taught us to change our mindset and overcome our fears in working with watercolor, adding assignments and exercises to empower us in this area, as well as believe in ourselves in whatever level we were in with watercolors. She carried out the course in a very authentic and professional manner, taking time to interact with each and every student, and was very generous with her time and the information given to us. She cheered us on every step of the way, also shared her own stories of her humble and sometimes fearful beginnings with watercolor herself.

Additionally, Meeta created a wonderful online group and a close team, inspite of all of us attending from different parts of the world. I highly recommend this course which exceeded my expectations and is sincerely life-changing as I can now dare follow an old childhood passion/dream that had been dormant for a long time. Thank you so much Meeta !”

- by Maria Sanchez

“What a fantastic experience to learn from an extraordinarily watercolor expert. Meeta gave us so many new skills, encouragement and knowledge. I was so very happy to have taken part in her online course 'Mastering Watercolor Realism' and look forward to developing my own skills in the future.”

- by Jane Adlington

“This is a Fabulous course, which gave me the knowledge and insight to become a more confident artist. Will definitely recommend to join as Meeta Dani is an expert in the subject and a very good teacher. All thanks to Meeta for imparting this training in such a wonderful and effective manner”

- by Nirmalladevi Arun

"Meeta is an amazing artist and an even more amazing teacher. She is passionate about watercolor and most importantly she is passionate about her students..and truthfully goes beyond to ensure her students understands, believes..and practices. Practice, practice and more practice she helps you work through mistakes, guides through correcting them.

I thoroughly enjoy my time with Meeta, even when she challenges me. Meeta goes through all aspects of watercolor, paints, paper, watercolor techniques (too many to mention here). One suggestion is to buy here book, it is like a bible for watercolor, I am reading it for the second time after going through her course.

I have participated in a 3-day workshop and participated in the 6-week course both were challenging, at times frustrating (due to my on phobia’s about color and color mixing), but extremely rewarding. All I need to do is put in the time. If you put in the time and effort you will be successful and you will be an advanced watercolor artist.

Thank you Meeta for your passion, your drive, determination and your dedication to this art medium, that I love.  If you are on the fence about taking this class…DON’T BE..JUST DO IT…you won't regret it."

- by Kenneth Jacobs

"Mastering Watercolors Realism in 2 months, sounds unbelievable right, but this is possible. For me it was truly a magical experience. From learning watercolor skills to gaining confidence, I was touched in and out. You will not only learn art from Meeta Dani, but she will also take your confidence to the crest. One can find a great mentor and a good friend in her. I am grateful to her for this new beginning in my life. I am proud to say that I am a Fearless Artist now."

- by Shweta Shrivastava

" Hi I am Ananya Bhattacharjee residing in Bangalore, India and HR by profession 
Since my childhood I had a burning desire to do something which involves a lot of creativity and painting was something that I loved the most. As a child, I would participate in small competitions which would keep me motivated to keep painting.
I wanted to pursue painting as full time career but couldn't pursue it in long run because being independent, earning and supporting my family was the utmost priority and in India it's difficult to earn as an artist. 
It was only after many years of struggle working at a corporate function I finally realized that I should do something about my passion. When I took the very first step to research a subject that I would draw and paint I  
came across realistic watercolor paintings by Meeta on facebook which blew my mind away. Soon after I finished my first watercolor painting Meeta announced this 6 weeks online course to master watercolorrealism. I wasn't very confident if it actually would work taking an online class while your tutor and you are miles away. Art doesn't work that way I thought to myself.
After attending Meeta's webinar I decided it's now or never.  I have to make a decision , take a chance in life to change my future. That is when I took the risk of giving this course a try.
Meeta's support , knowledge, positive attitude , 100% assurance that it is possible if I put in my 100 % dedication and commitment
Finally here I am, looking at the first realistic watercolor painting that I painted under her guidance. It's such a shocker what you can do if you give yourself a chance, take risks in life to follow your passion and be under right guidance.
I can rightfully say I am under good hands now.
Thank you so much Meeta that you saw the potential in me, for always motivating and pushing me really really hard, treating me like your own to achieve what I have achieved after 6 weeks of this course. What could have taken me years to figure out , learn and master I could do in 6 weeks. Your guidance and teachings  has given me the momentum  that I needed to keep going. I feel lucky and proud to be your student Meeta :) "
- by Ananya Bhattacharjee

"I participated in Meeta Dani’s May-June 2019 6-week course, Mastering Watercolor Realism.
I only began painting in watercolor this year, and in fact the only other watercolor painting I had done previously was during a long-weekend course hosted by Meeta in the spring of 2019.
So the painting I did during the 6-week course was the second one I had ever done.  Anything I achieved in that painting is entirely due to Meeta’s teaching methods and her tireless dedication to her students’ success.
Meeta was generous with both her time and her knowledge, and I found her instruction, and her explanation of watercolor technique, to be clear and easy to understand.  Also, no question was too much trouble for her to answer.
Meeta can be tough (as she would be the first to admit!) but only because she knows that her students can succeed if they stick with the course.  And she has such an infectious sense of humor that you cannot fault her for keeping her students focused and committed to doing their very best, and never giving up.

Meeta does more than teach watercolor painting.  She also includes with her instruction the understanding that the course is simply one example of the challenges everyone faces in life, and learning how to paint with watercolor will help you learn how to overcome other challenges you meet. 
This is a critical part of her teaching method, and I found it empathetic and humane.

Meeta says that painting watercolors is not something that only a gifted few can do, and that given the correct instruction and the attitude to succeed, anyone can learn how to do it.  My experience shows that she is right.
Meeta is a great artist and an equally great teacher.  i would not hesitate to recommend her courses to anyone from a complete beginner, to an intermediate artist and to an advanced artist.
She knows how to paint beautiful realistic watercolors, and she knows how to teach that skill and to encourage her students to achieve their potential."
-by Kate Gross

"When I started the course I was having zero knowledge of fundamentals of watercolor. I had fear, anxiety, lots of misconceptions and lack of clarity. Meeta’s teaching style was simple, accurate, thorough, in depth and very easy to follow by first timers like me. Meeta took out our fears and her constant push gave us courage to begin the complex project. Her dedication towards every  student is just amazing. She gave her 100% to all the students making sure none was lacking behind. She really became our backbone throughout the project. Thought we had challenges but she has taught us to tackle it with so much ease. I absolutely admire her faith in all her students. Meeta, you are genuinely beautiful person inside out. Honest towards your work and very humble. Thank you for taking this course and teaching online course. It gave opportunity to far away students to learn watercolor at their own time and pace right from their home. In short, this course is definitely a life changing course. Mind set issues to techniques to fundamentals all gets cleared through this course.
I absolutely loved learning from Meeta throughout the course. It did not feel like she was the teacher and we were the students. It was more like we were learning from our best friend. She is the best teacher and mentor in watercolor online course. She is patient, highly dedicated, highly motivating, highly supportive. Her energy is contagious and very positive. Loved her inside out. She is a brilliant teacher one can have as a mentor. I absolutely recommend Meeta Dani’s class to every watercolor enthusiast."
-by Janki Chokshi

"I can say that Meeta's course was an answered prayer to me. I've been looking for a teacher both virtually and in my country. I have tried to reach out to some artists who lives near my place if they conduct work shops but they were unavailable at that time.
I wanted to grow as an artist, I wanted to master and understand the medium. And I'm honored to have Meeta as my teacher.  
Meeta is passionate, dedicated and effective teacher! I tried to teach myself through YouTube and some books but it's really different when you are guided by an experienced and international artist. She's very thorough and most of all, encouraging. 
I just started painting last Sept 2018, that's 8 months ago. My friends and family members told me that I gained tremendous growth by looking at my last painting - "Ripples on water." Most of them told me, I was able to capture the ripples realistically. If a beginner like me can do it, you can too! 
One more thing I like about this course, she taught us meditation. Meditation while painting- and that was the best remedy for my broken soul. This course didn't just upgrade my skills but also allowed me to heal. "
-by Pauline Luangco

Mastering watercolor realism is probably 'the best' course for learning watercolors. The content in the course is pure gold. Meeta is a wonderful teacher and an artist, which is a very very rare combination. The lessons in Mastering Watercolor Realism course are very structured. Seriously, when I say lessons are structured, it is absolutely perfect. Right from how watercolor paints are manufactured to how to paint diligently, the techniques, everything will be taught in very detailed manner. The best thing about this course was that I found Meeta's advice very life changing. I had a huge mental block for painting because of my very bad results with watercolors in the last. Meeta kept encouraging us, she kept reassuring us that it's important to keep trying. This course is a journey. Meeta helps and encourages us to take baby steps towards our passion. Trust me when we take our baby steps in art we need a mentor to encourage us, to teach us the right techniques and to monitor our progress...and Meeta is the best mentor out there. Just join this course if you are serious about art. Trust me I am a person who has attended a lot of classes and workshops but nothing beats the quantity of content of this course and this is the only course that made me start and complete an actual painting.

- by Sharanya Moorthy