Testimonials by Workshop Participants

"It was a big project but accomplished well by everyone. I’m surprised that beginners were able to complete a spectacular painting."

     - by Helen Ramsay, DAZZLING DAISIES Workshop Participant

"Meeta is a very special instructor. She puts everyone at their ease, demonstrates all the techniques we are unsure about again if necessary, and helps us make the painting successful. Meeta is very knowledgeable in watercolor painting and generous with this knowledge. I hope to do another class with her in the future."

     - by Gwenda Woodbury, DAZZLING DAISIES Workshop Participant

"Terrific instruction, lots of techniques learned and I'm so proud of my work! I can't wait to figure out and execute a new painting of my own. I learned what I need to pay attention to, to get the results I want."

       - by Michelle Frey, DAZZLING DAISIES Workshop Participant

"I really enjoyed Meeta's instruction and teaching style. She is extremely generous with her knowledge and has a wonderful disposition that makes it easy to learn from her. I can honestly think of no way to improve the experience. She opened her home to strangers, fed us with delicious food and snacks, and has a delightful family. I also admired her personal 'story' regarding her wish to pursue painting after a health scare and her positive, motivating attitude to life. I felt privileged to attend her course, and lucky indeed to have found it online."

    For Meeta: "I so much enjoyed your workshop, and learned so much. You’re a great teacher, and a rebuttal to the adage that those who can, do, and those who can’t, teach. You can and you do!"
    - by Kate Gross, OLDEN DAYS Workshop Participant

    "Excellent. I am totally satisfied. The workshop exceeded my expectations. This was truly a wonderful workshop. Meeta shared so many techniques that I learned more in 3 days than in 2 other courses I had taken previously. Most of all, I learned to relax and enjoy the experience and feel confident that I can continue."
    For Meeta: " Meeta, this was truly a wonderful weekend and I feel blessed to have met and learned from youYou are a gifted artist and teacher and I now feel I can actually continue painting. Thank you for sharing your techniques. 
    - by Jennifer Rodrigues, OLDEN DAYS Workshop Participant

    "Meeta, you are the best and most passionate watercolor teacher/professor I’ve ever had. The workshop exceeded my expectations! I learned more in 3 days than, than one-on-one tutoring in 3 months. I will definitely be back! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and passion for watercolor. You have fueled my passion to continue on a path I started when I was 10. This has been the best workshop I’ve ever had. Absolutely better than one on one tutoring I’ve had before. I would like to understand more about color choice, the logic behind it, and painting balance warm and cool balance."
    - by Kenneth Jacobs, OLDEN DAYS Workshop Participant

    "It was the most amazing course! I had no idea about watercolor and was concerned if I would pick it up ok!
    Meeta was amazing! She helped the class every step of the way. At any request, she would demonstrate with one-on-one techniques which I found so valuable. Watching techniques from an amazing artist! Looking forward to more watercolor learning!"
    - by Tami McFarlane, OLDEN DAYS Workshop Participant

    "The workshop was full of valuable information on techniques and how to approach painting with a positive attitude. Meeta’s lovely home cooking was a delicious bonus! I am totally satisfied. The workshop exceeded my expectations."
    - by Louise Baker-Griffiths, TULIP Workshop Participant

    "It was an amazing workshop. I learned a lot! Meeta is a great instructor. She introduced many useful techniques in a very clear and visual way. Meeta gives great insight into the painting class showing all hints and tricks. She also encouraged personal creativity instead of just making students follow her steps. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and would strongly recommend her workshops!"
    - by Elena De Ruyter, TULIP Workshop Participant 

    "This is my second workshop with Meeta, and I absolutely loved it. I appreciate her teaching not only of technique but perhaps just as importantly, her encouragement to constantly venture out of one’s comfort zone. "
    - by Erika Hilliard, TULIP Workshop Participant

    "It has been a wonderful training in watercolors, I could not imagine that I could paint this good when I saw the painting I made. Meeta is really good in her art and a very good teacher. God bless her."
    - by Asha Likhari, DAZZLING DAISIES Workshop Participant

    "Will definitely take another of Meeta’s workshops. This workshop surpassed by
    expectations. It was hard work but Meeta was there every step of the way to explain each technique + offered many demonstrations to encourage our learning. Thanks very much."
    - by Sue Ovmsby, DAZZLING DAISIES Workshop Participant

    "Thank you so much for your wonderful workshop. You were fabulous sharing so much knowledge, spirit, encouragement. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and am actually thinking of continuing doing watercolors now realizing how rich and detailed these paintings can be. Thank You!"
    - by Erika Hilliard, DAZZLING DAISIES Workshop Participant

    I enjoyed the class very much. I have only experimented with watercolor washes + simple paintings and this class - and Meeta - has inspired me to continue + learn more about painting in this style. The information we received was very comprehensive and I am excited to continue + finish my painting when I get home. I will definitely recommend the workshop to others! Thanks so much!
    - by Christine Unterthiner, DAZZLING DAISIES Workshop Participant

    "The workshop was very enjoyable and I appreciate everything you demonstrated and showed me. I especially learned more about color and would love to know/learn more. I understand the color wheel but heaving how you reference that in a painting was very helpful. I wish that we would have been able to complete the painting but because of the nature of the detail - it was a big picture to complete. I would love to take more workshops on any topic. I would not be able to do this until the fall. I thought your pricing structure was amazing! So much cheaper than the Efast Coast workshops I’ve attended. Thank you!"
    - by Nancy Duclos, BEACH STONES  Workshop Participant

    "I enjoyed the workshop a lot and definitely learned a lot. I can’t say I had expectations because I’d never taken a class like this. I think it’s been a really relaxing setting and outside of the painting techniques. I thought your energy was very positive. I think your rates are very reasonable for what you are offering. In terms of teaching, I think I learn better to do while I’m being taught as opposed to just watching you, but as a fellow educator, I know for the time frame you were trying to fit a lot in. I wish I could have attended the whole weekend but I thought you helped me to catch up well, which I appreciated. This was a great way to spend the weekend with my mom. Thank you for providing it!
    - by Kate, BEACH STONES  Workshop Participant

    "I attended Meeta Dani’s three-day workshop on hyper-realistic painting. The class was small and held in Meeta’s home. The environment was relaxed and very supportive of our active learning. The class was active with Meeta providing numerous examples of how best to approach each part of our focussed drawing. Each of the students was given direct assistance in executing the assignment, and feedback on performance was supportive and encouraging. The course setup was well worth the cost and exceeded my expectations. I would have no problem recommending a future course with Meeta. You will be happy that you do."
    - by Michael DeBernard, ON THE DOCK Workshop Participant

    "The workshop was very Informative and excellent learning experience. Meeta is very supportive and encouraging. I had never used watercolors before and I left feeling successful. I can continue at home with the techniques I learned."
    - by Kristin MacCulloch, ON THE DOCK Workshop Participant

    "Thank you so much. Meeta is an excellent teacher - interesting, steady, patient,
    enthusiastic. She gave me a wealth of information to help structure painting and plan and also demonstrated many different techniques and how to rectify errors. I had never done any watercolor painting before, but now feel inspired to pursue it further. Her book is also a superb reference, and a wonderful book to own. The workshop is excellent value, well priced. Thanks again!"
    - by Rebbie Hosegood, ON THE DOCK Workshop Participant