Paintings & Prints

Does original watercolor paintings fade over time?
The quality of watercolor paints and paper have greatly improved over the years due to an increased understanding of technology and chemistry. The color pigments I use for my paintings are of highest quality by reputed brands like Winsor & Newton, Daniel Smith, M. Graham, Holbein. I have personally checked each hue for its light fastness. The colors used are no more likely to fade than oil paints. I have used artist grade acid-free paper made from 100% rag fiber for all my paintings which can last forever if properly cared. I recommend that original paintings are framed with Conservation glass for protecting them from UV rays which will prevent it from any damage.
Does a Giclee print fade over time?
The inks used for Giclee printing are of the highest light-fast standards. The ink and paper combinations used meet the industrial light-fastness standards. You can consider using a Conservation Glass while framing your print if you think that it will face direct sunlight for several hours.
What type of glass is best suitable for framing a watercolor painting or a print?
If your print will face direct sunlight for several hours a day then you may want to consider framing it with Conservation Glass. Conservation Glass blocks 97% of the UV rays and helps protect framed pieces, keeping the colors fresh for generations.
How to protect a watercolor painting or print?

To minimize the damage to a painting or print you can..

  1. keep your valuable pieces away from direct sunlight
  2. keep them away from direct heat sources
  3. cover the item in a frame to keep it as clean as possible. 
  4. use an acid free mat to separate.
What are the different print options available on this site?

You can choose from one of the following options for your digital print on this site:

  • Digital Giclee print on fine art watercolor paper

    We are using Canson Arches Aquarelle Rag 240gsm paper for Giclee printing on this site. This genuine 100% rag, watercolour paper possesses the unique structure, surface texture and warm white tone that demanding artists expect from a traditional Fine Art paper. This paper complies with the highest archival standards and is extremely age resistant. This paper gives a unique and unrivaled character to the fine art reproduction of paintings.

    Paper Specifications:

    • Mould-Made 100% Cotton Rag Base
    • Basis Weight: 240 gsm
    • Thickness: 18.4 mil
    • Whiteness: 83.37%
    • No OBA Content
    • Acid Free and Internally Buffered
    • Instant Drying
    • High Water Resistance
    • Surface Finish: Textured Matte
  • Digital print on canvas

    Digital prints on canvas are available unstretched, or stretched on 0.75 inch or 1.25 inch strainers. The canvas used is an acid free, lignin free heavyweight cotton-poly blend, and features a matte non-reflective surface with a bright white point, exceptionally high Dmax and wide colour gamut. The canvas base is enhanced with elastic polymers providing high tensile strength and flexibility for gallery wrap stretching without cracking. The pigmented eco-solvent inks used for printing are durable, scratch-resistant, and long lasting.

    Canvas Specifications:

    • Matte Surface
    • Wide Colour Gamut
    • 395 gsm Weight
    • 23 mil Thickness