Mastering Watercolor Realism

Certification program for becoming a watercolor professional (10 weeks) Apply Now!

NOTE: This course is ONLY for those who want to learn watercolors to make it as their profession. This course is NOT SUITABLE for people who consider watercolor as their hobby.

The Goal Of This Course

To help you learn watercolors in a systematic, structured, and in-depth manner so that you can paint any subject masterfully with confidence like a professional watercolor artist.

This course also helps you to overcome fears, mindset blocks, limiting beliefs, and negative mind-chatter and installs the right mindset and beliefs required for becoming a successful professional artist.

(NEW ADDITION) This course also teaches you the basic skills that can help you to earn consistently after you become capable of painting confidently with watercolors.

Apply now if you are planning to upgrade your watercolor skills for becoming a professional artist.


Who is this course meant for?

This course is for you if any one or more of the following is true:

  • You want to learn painting with watercolors to become a professional watercolor artist.
  • You want to paint any subject with watercolors with confidence just like a professional.
  • You are planning to start your online watercolor course and want to learn how you can teach watercolors in a very detailed manner.
  • You want to know how you can make your watercolor skills into a successful profession without doing trial and error.
  • You want to overcome your fears, mindset blocks, limiting beliefs, and negative mind-chatter to become a super confident watercolor professional.
  • This is a mandatory criteria: You are coachable and an action taker who joins a course to complete the course successfully and not just for fun.

Who is this course not meant for?

This course is not for you if any one or more of the following is true:

  • Watercolors is a hobby for you and you have no plans for becoming a professional.
  • You don’t want to learn watercolors in a structured manner to get the best results in the fastest possible manner.
  • You prefer learning from YouTube and other free resources at your own pace and don't mind taking a long time to learn this medium.
  • You are not an action taker.
  • You are not coachable OR not willing to learn from someone.

Problem description:

This course is a perfect answer to solve the following pain points:

  • Finding it very difficult to learn watercolor painting techniques all by yourself.
  • Unable to determine which techniques to use for achieving a specific result.
  • Not sure where and how to start a painting and how to keep going till the end.
  • Color mixing and selecting color palette seems too difficult.
  • Not sure which subjects to paint for making a successful painting.
  • Not capable of making a plan of execution before starting with a painting.
  • Painting masterfully like a professional artist seems impossible goal.
  • Feeling demotivated, frustrated and under-confident throughout the painting process.
  • Have mindset blocks and a lot many limiting beliefs, and negative mind-chatter that are stopping you from achieving your dream of learning watercolors to become a watercolor professional.

What you’ll learn:

By participating in this course, you will learn:

  • To gain confidence over yourself through mindset shift.
  • Important fundamental concepts: Elements of Art, Principles of Art, Color theory, etc.
  • Watercolor basics, color mixing techniques, and other concepts related to painting.
  • How to make an impressive composition for making a successful painting.
  • Master basic and advanced watercolor techniques
  • Master error handling skills.
  • How to use various materials required for creating a realistic watercolor painting.
  • Systematically analyze a subject before starting to paint it realistically.
  • Design a strategic plan depending on a given subject
  • 3 main strategies for painting and when to use which strategy - easiest first, darkest first, most important first.
  • How to plan your own strategies for painting absolutely any texture in watercolors.
  • Paper stretching and its significance.
  • 2 drawing techniques for getting a perfect drawing done on watercolor paper - Tracing technique and Measurement technique.
  • Paint a realistic painting from scratch to finish in a step-by-step manner.
  • The skill of critiquing without criticizing.

Course outcome:

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  1. Overcome your mindset blocks and limiting beliefs related to watercolor painting
  2. Overcome your negative mind-chatter
  3. Master watercolor painting skills
  4. Know how to plan and compose for a successful painting
  5. Complete a realistic painting from start to finish under guidance.
  6. Gain the confidence to paint an entire watercolor painting by yourself.
  7. Relax, meditate, and enjoy the whole process of painting.
  8. Learn how to paint masterfully any subject in a realistic style like a professional watercolor artist.

Why do I want to offer this course:

I am a completely self-taught artist with absolutely no formal education in art. When I started painting realism using watercolors in March 2015, I had no idea where to start, how to paint, and what subjects to paint. I tried to learn from YouTube videos and from various watercolor blogs. I committed several mistakes and learned from each of my mistakes. I soon figured out a strategy for learning fast and in a more efficient manner. This strategy helped me to gain confidence in painting in a matter of a few months and also helped me to figure out how to paint absolutely any subject in a realistic style using watercolors.

In my workshops, I work on student’s mindset and help them realize that they can paint whatever subject they want once they master the basic watercolor techniques and learn how to analyze and plan before starting a painting. Through this online course, I want to share my knowledge of painting in watercolors and provide every possible guidance so that the students of this course can learn to paint in a realistic style like a professional artist within a very short time. By participating in this course you will learn how to let go of the every-day stress through developing concentration and also be able to build up a strong understanding of arts and watercolor painting. My unique teaching strategy will help you to learn painting in this medium in a much faster and enjoyable manner.

What is included:

  1. Videos, downloadable PDFs, worksheets and exercises for practice
  2. Member community inside a private Facebook group
  3. Several live training sessions by the tutor.
  4. Weekly live Q & A session for solving problems posted by students once a week.
  5. Step-by-step painting by participants from scratch to finish under guidance from the tutor.
  6. 1-hour feedback session after the completion of the painting project.  
  7. 1-hour career guidance and a mentoring session on the last day of the course.

How this course is different from other online watercolor courses?

  • This is a transformation based course instead of information based. This course aims to change the mindset and makes the participant adapt to high-speed goal-oriented learning.
  • This is a semi-synchronous course where you will get pre-recorded videos for learning at your own comfort along with live-sessions by the tutor for a more fulfilled learning experience.
  • This unique course is designed to accelerate your learning abilities by overcoming your mindset blocks.
  • This well-structured course is designed to help you develop an in-depth understanding of art along with mastering your painting skills.
  • This course gives more than one choices to the participants in selecting the project that they would like to complete.
  • The live-sessions in this course allow the participants to interact with the tutor and get direct feedback and reviews on their exercises and project painting by the tutor.
  • This course is led by a highly skilled watercolor tutor who is passionate about making each of the students succeed in their goal of mastering watercolors.

How will the course be conducted? This course will be conducted in a private Facebook group. Students will study by referring to the course materials and videos. Course contents related to one module will be released every week.

Watercolor painting materials required for this course:

  1. Watercolor paper: Arches cold-pressed #140
  2. Watercolor paints: Must be artists grade preferably from Daniel Smith, Winsor & Newton, Schmincke, Holbein, M.Graham, or Mission Gold.

          Colors: The list of colors will be provided after the registration.

  1. Paintbrushes: Hake brush (2”), Round brush (#00, #2, #6)
  2. Stretcher board (optional, if you are using Arches watercolor block paper)
  3. Artist’s Masking Tape
  4. Masking fluid preferably from Winsor & Newton or Schmincke
  5. Mr. Clean’s Magic eraser (highly recommended)
  6. Brown Stretcher tape (optional, if you are using Arches watercolor block paper)
  7. 0.5 mm mechanical pencil, eraser, tracing paper, graphite paper, ruler, q-tip, paper towels, white plastic palette, a plastic jar for water.

Course duration: 10 weeks

Course Start date: Next batch is starting from 28th January 2020 (tentative)

Installment facility available.

Refund policy: No Refund.

Course prerequisites: Participants are not expected to have any prior experience in painting using watercolors. Passion, dedication, and willingness to complete the course are the only prerequisites for this course. Participants are expected to devote time to learn and practice each single day.

Length of access: 12 months after the completion of the course

Number of modules: 8 modules

Testimonials: Please check out a few testimonials by participants of Meeta's workshops.

Here are some testimonials by 'Mastering Watercolor Realism' course participants.

Total number of seats per batch: 30

Status: Open for registrations.

Contact the tutor: call +1 7789980063 or email

Note: Detailed course syllabus will be provided to the participant after the registration has been done.

Frequently asked questions:

I am an absolute beginner. Is this course suitable for me?
Yes, absolutely.
I am an intermediate-to-advanced artist. Is this course going to benefit me?
Yes, definitely.
I am an advanced watercolor artist. I paint in a loose style and want to learn painting in a realistic style. Is this course suitable for me?
Yes. You will learn how to paint in a realistic style like a professional artist. However, know that this course will start from very basics.
I am an advanced watercolor artist and I paint in a realistic style. I want to learn hyper-realism. Is this course suitable for me?
No. This course may not be ideal for you.
Can the course curriculum and duration be made flexible depending on the participant’s requirements?
No. The course duration is 6 weeks and the contents are fixed.
Will I get lifetime access to this course?
No. You will get 12 months of free access after the completion of the course. Lifetime access will not be required once you gain expertise.
Is the course divided into subject-wise modules?
Yes. The course has 6 modules and is further divided into chapters for better understanding.
Will there be enough exercises for practice?
Yes, each chapter will have exercises to be completed by the participants.
Is there any payment plan?
Yes. You can pay in 2 installments. Contact Meeta for further details about paying in installments.
Will there be a certificate issued at the end of the course?
E-certificate of participation will be given to all participants who finish all the course exercises and project painting successfully.
Will I be able to communicate with the tutor on a 1-to-1 basis during or after the course?
How many hours does one need per day to devote to this course?
Approximately 2-3 hours per day. This may differ depending upon the speed and expertise of each participant.
Will there be detailed and easy to follow instructions for learning various watercolor techniques?
Yes. All the techniques will be demonstrated and explained in details through a video.
Will I be able to watch the videos again and again during and after the course?
Yes. All the course materials and videos can be accessed again and again during the course and till 12 months after the course. The downloadable contents can be used by participants for a lifetime.
Will I get the tutor's feedback on my exercises?
Yes. There will be Q&A sessions for feedback and problem solving once a week. These are live sessions where all the participants will be able to interact directly with the tutor in a group.
Will the course be available in different languages?
No. The course will be conducted only in English.
Will there be an end-to-end detailed demo of the painting project by the tutor?
No. Sufficient guidance will be provided to the participants to do the painting project on their own. It is important for participants to face real-time challenges and then only they will be able to figure out how to overcome them.
Will I have direct one-to-one access to the tutor during and after the course?
No access to tutor on phone, messenger, WhatsApp or via email during or after the course. No one-to-one tutoring during or after the course.
Can the course curriculum be changed depending on the student’s requirements?
No. The course has been designed to provide all the necessary guidance. No additional features will be provided under any circumstances other than the ones mentioned here.


Apply now if you are serious about upgrading your watercolor skills for becoming a professional artist.